With roots in the contemporary circus movement we recognise our practice within the broader context of contemporary art.

Placing embodied knowledge at the centre of our artistic and academic research we situate our activities at the interface of artistic practice and knowledge production.

Constantly challenging our methods of creation we strive to push our contemporary practice beyond what we ourselves know as artists and practitioners.

The company collaborates with partners from both the artistic and academic sector and communicates through a multitude of different formats such as performances, lectures, laboratories and publications. Founded in 2012 by artistic directors Elena Lydia Kreusch and Darragh McLoughlin the company is based in Ireland yet operates internationally.







Elena Lydia Kreusch is an artistic director, curator,
producer and researcher in the cultural field.
She has a practical education in contemporary circus
and dance as well as an academic background in
critical development studies, cultural politics,
international cultural management and theatre studies.

She is passionate about academic circus research,
circus advocacy and transdiciplinary artistic creation
as well as cultural collaboration projects on an
international scale. Her own artistic works are
situated at the interface of performance and video art.


Darragh McLoughlin is a movement/object explorer who
creates and performs in his own pieces. He creates from
an audience’s persepective with the aim to compose their
experience. He has an education in circus and
performance art but actively takes influence from
theatre, cinema, dramaturgy and life in general.
He teaches and engages in artistic laboratories in
order to gain a deeper knowledge of his practice.

His works takes on many forms yet beneath
the surface deal with the human condition.