Monday 27th April

Performative Lecture | 1-2 pm | Rory Gallagher Theatre, Bishopstown Campus.
Through this lecture, Darragh will introduce some of the techniques he has developed to build, challenge, and expand the audience/performer relationship. He will demonstrate many of his own insights and methods to creating. He will approach topics such as:

• "how to create from an audience's perspective"
• "how do we know when we actually like a performance, and what to do with that"
• "the cost of creating something new"

This event is open to anybody who has an interest in the creation and developmentof interactive work and the spectator / performer relationship.





Tuesday 28th, Wednesday 29th, Thursday 30th April

Development and Group Feedback | 6 – 8pm,  | Cork School of Music, Union Quay
A developmental period from Tuesday – Thursday will see Darragh working on aspects of the piece during the day, with an audience feedback and review session each evening.

During his time at CIT Darragh will use one of their residency spaces to conduct further experiments to deepen his research and knowledge of the "whistle technique". During each day a small number of students will be invited to act as research assistants. This will entail documenting the process, and on the floor work in developing new material. Each evening there will be a open feedback session where students/teachers alike are invited to watch new material that Darragh will perform, participate and give feedback.

Creative Laboratory | 2:30 - 6pm | Rory Gallagher Theatre, Bishopstown Campus
Following the performative lecture Darragh will deliver a 3-4 hour workshop exploring the creation process and specific techniques used when applying cinematic techniques within a live performance.

During this workshop the students will be invited to create their own material using the "eye shutter" or cinematic method. Participants will use their own techniques from whatever performance art form they originate from. Focus will be put on creating material using clear choreographic tasks. Between each task there will be open discussions about the results and experience of each exercise. Participants will work both individually and in groups.





Friday 1st May

Performance of 'The Whistle' followed by Q&A | 7:30 - 9pm | Stack Theatre, Cork School of Music, Union Quay
The project will conclude with a public performance of ‘The Whistle’ in the Stack Theatre on May 1st, followed by a Q&A session. Participants in the workshop and feedback sessions will get special ticket rates for the public performance.

Darragh is open to creating a potential 6th Chapter involving some of the students during his stay at CIT depending on their level of involvement and enthousiasm...