While Squarehead Productions often applies cinematographic writing methods such as storyboarding and collaborates with dramturgical outside eyes from the film world such as Ingrid Chikahoui, we also recognise the limits of applying cinematic dramaturgy to a live performance. In this context we have grown an interest in the screen itself and the possibilities it entails.
The company's current productions articulations and Stickman reflect this couriosity as they question, each in their own way, the power of the screen to (re)frame the (circus) body.

In 2015 Darragh McLoughlin collaborated with french filmmaker Eloi Prieur on a video project exploring the meeting point of both art forms. This experience has equally been accompanied by an  academic interest in the matter:


A research project with the title Screen Circus has been conducted by Elena Lydia Kreusch during a four-month research residence at the French National Resource Centre for Street Arts and Circus Arts, HorsLesMurs in 2015 and examines the potentials and challenges of intermedial encounters between contemporary circus creation and audio-visual media:

Beyond a purely artistic value, the phenomenon of Screen Circus provokes a reflection on the role of physical performance within the circus arts and puts the artist in a researcher's position; making use of the screen as a laboratory for experimentation and as a new territory of expression. In May 2016 Elena Lydia was commissioned by HorsLesMurs to published a french article that gives a thorough introduction to the subject.      

The company is currently looking for possibilities to publish on the subject in English, for the possibility to curate Screen Circus screenings and conferences as well as for future collaborations with film makers and arts institutions that are interested in challenging their own working methods.