- Premiered in 2014 -

The Whistle is a 35 min contemporary circus piece, primarily produced for frontal theatre stages but adaptable to other venues with the possibility to perform outdoors. It is aimed for all audiences (10+) and uses juggling technique and physical theatre. The Whistle is a solo production featuring Irish artist Darragh McLoughlin.
It uses a cinematographic approach to dramaturgy and experiments with innovative artist-audience relationships:

The concept of The Whistle is almost genius in its simplicity: the performer onstage has a whistle. When he blows it, the audience closes their eyes, when he blows it again, they open them. Make that performer onstage a juggler and physical performer, mastering the art of precision, and the possibilities are endless.   
The Whistle is an experiment about a staging strategy, about cinematic effects onstage, about technical ability. It is about playing a game with the audience, and letting them in on the creation process. Giving the audience some of the creative power and letting them have a choice, ultimately it is an experiment about perception.  

When you hear the sound of the whistle you have to close your eyes.
When you hear it again you may open them.”

What if you were at the same time spectator and creator of a piece?
A juggler, a whistle and the audience together create a multitude of moments:

Time travel – Déjà vu – Glitches – Fast forward – Rewind – Déjà vu

All without technology or special effects.
A journey through several different hilarious yet often poetic narratives.
Close your eyes!
Open them!
Will you play the game or will you cheat?
Either way you will be played!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Whistle is supported by Laboratoriet Aarhus / RAPP 2014 – Research in Artistic Practice Programme (DK), La Central del Circ’ (ES), KreativKultur (AT).